Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Every organization is different from one to another and so does the industry. Information or Data is one thing that connects organization as common. Organization need right information at the right time to make a quick, viable decision to achieve the goal set by. Enterprise Mobility Solution is becoming as centric and vital tool in Information Technology. The corporate world has already started implementing and reaping the benefits of enterprise mobility solutions for its business process automation. Enterprise Mobility Solution can bring and engage every organization with their employees, customers and suppliers in to a close circle and empowers all of them with accurate and timely information on the move and enable them to make a faster decision to achieve business excellence.

Mobility solution can be adopted for the following business processes:

  • Sales Force Automation

  • Field Service / Support Automation

  • Field Survey Automation

  • Field Collection Automation

  • Travel, Logistic & Courier

  • Warehouse Application

  • HRMS on Mobile

  • Customer Relationship Management

Mobility Solution implemented by the following industries:

  • Automobile & Other Manufacturing Industries

  • Banking, insurance and other Financial services

  • Retail, Hotels & Restaurants

  • Travel, Logistic & courier services

  • Healthcare & Hospitality services

Emkay Industries provides mobility solution for the following devices:

  • Android Mobile & Tablet

  • Windows Mobile & Tablet

  • Industrial Mobile Hand Held Device

  • Industrial Mobile Vehicle Mount Device

  • Industrial Touch Terminal & KIOSK