In places like production, warehouses, field force automation, and many more where computers and barcode scanners are not accessible, handheld terminals are the tool of choice. It includes several functions seen in a typical PC, such as an operating system, barcode scanners, and RFID readers. As a result, it is known as a hand-held terminal. It’s also known as personal digital assistance and mobile computers.

To meet any type of need, whether it be for industrial, retail, sales, or field force automation, Emkay Industries provides a broad selection of handheld terminals, PDAs, and mobile computers.

The sole company offering multi-brand handheld terminals, PDAs, and mobile computers is Emkay Industries. Motorola’s approved channel partner is Emkay Industries.

Additionally, Emkay Industries offers unique application software solutions for PDAs, mobile computers, and handheld terminals that are tailored to the needs of its clients in all industries.